Adrians Undead Diary, book 1, Dark recollections


Good day zombie lovers! This time of the year is special for me. Why you ask? First of all we just celebrated our first birthday as Zombie Guide Magazine. And seriously, I could not have guessed we would get this big in just one year! I thank all of you for this. Another special moment, is this review. There are three reason I got into zombies. Number one, The Walking Dead. Number two, I wanted to make a website where I could write whatever the hell I want. And number three, Adrians Undead Diary! I loved the story so much, it just pushed me over the edge to register the domain name and start writing.

Enough sentimental crap, emotions get you killed in the apocalypse, so on with the review…

The series.

Adrians Undead Diary (AUD) originated as an online story, but it is badass enough to get published on paper, so Chris Philbrook (the author) decided to split it up in eight books. And these aren’t little pocket readers, these are full grown novels. So if it’s online for free, why would you buy these books? Well, they’re just awesome, it’s always nice to own a hard copy series of something and you should support authors.

The story.

The story is largely set around Auburn Lake and specifically A.L.P.A. (Auburn Lake Preparatory Academy). The main character, Adrian Ring, gets caught up in the zombie apocalypse and flees to the school he works at. He knows this can be a secure location and uses his military experience to clear the campus. After clearing the campus and getting set in, he starts writing a journal. This journal consists of things that happened that day and in his past. Between the journal entries, there a short stories about people that are somehow connected to the story. As the story continues all the short stories also start to make more and more sense.

The zombies.

These are just the way I like them. They come from a source yet to be identified, they’re slow, they’re stupid and very persistent. The detail in which they are described is awesome and they come in huge packs. They’re a lot like the Walkers in The Walking Dead. For you who don’t know that show, it’s a small in-house production on AMC. You should look it over some day! Anyway, the zombies are cool and described in gruesome detail.

The Writing.

Chris has a way of connecting stories to each other that will keep you reading. Everything that happens is somehow connected and you just have to keep reading to figure out how. I spend hours of my time (that I don’t have) glued to my screen reading and reading.

Besides the connecting of stories, the characters are well build and have actual personalities. In a lot of zombie survival stories there is hardly any character building. Also the details about tactics and weapon/gun use are spot on accurate. I’m usually turned off by the bad research done to make things like these accurate, but Chris succeeded in his realism.


It’s a great read for anyone. The stories are well written, characters build carefully and every detail is covered. People, this is what a great book looks like! Stop reading this review and start reading the book!


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