Book Review: Central Outbreak Response, Genesis-A Tale of the Zombie Apocalypse

Phillip Tomasso

So I started following RJ Kennett’s posts on Facebook. He had a zombie novel out, and several times I read the back cover blurb and the reviews the book received. It had captured my interest. Finally, when the author sent me a copy of the book to read and review, I was excited. I try not to judge books by their covers. I also read reviews with a grain of salt. Central Outbreak Response: Genesis came in the mail at the perfect time. I was able to dig right in and start reading.COR-1-cover-big

Max Newsome is former military, enrolled in college, and sitting in class when the outbreak unfolds and escalates. The action is that immediate. Convincing students inside the building that whatever is taking place on campus is not . . . normal, Max rallies as many people as possible. The goal is to fortify the building they are in and find a way to fight back. He knows all too well that the  chaos outside the doors will not stay outside the doors.

Once Marshall Law is declared, Max and a small band of survivors are picked-up by the military and encouraged to work for Central Outbreak Response (COR). The details include clean-up, defense, IT and trying to figure out exactly what caused the epidemic/pandemic that is consuming the country, and much of the world.

Max is hell bent on protecting his friends. His time in the military is filled with a plague of nightmares. The war he’d been involved in had not been easy. He had returned home, yes, but uninjured? No. The mental wounds and scars forced him to relive flashbacks that, if anything, kept him moving forward and had him constantly pushing on. The biggest problem might not be the zombies, but the conflict between the three groups: the military, COR, and the survivors. It seems like each group knows more than they are letting on to. Max wants not only answers, but maybe distance, as well.

Kennett writes like a seasoned professional. COR: Gensis is fast-reading from page one, until the end. The action and tension never lets up. The charcters, from Max to his friends, Arthur and Eva, are three dimensional, and important. You care about them. You care about what might happen next. And you worry for their safety. While I only first learned about Kennett and his book two months ago, he has secured me as a fan. I can not wait for more apocalyptic titles from this author!

I give COR: Genesis a well earned, and easily deserved 5 out of 5 Stars!

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