Book Review: Evacuation by Phillip Tomasso

Ian McClellan

I have a confession to make. When I’m picking out books to read, I tend to shy away from a series. Stephen King’s Dark Tower series ruined them for me. I was really into those books back in the day and eagerly anticipated each new installment. I decided that waiting until an author got a wild hair up their ass and gave their fans what they so desperately wanted wasn’t for me after one of my nephews was born, graduated college, and finished medical school in between books. That timeline may be slightly exaggerated, but it was quite a while. Also, my nephews are all idiots who can’t figure out which end of a shovel to dig a hole with, much less get into a medical school.

Recently, I’ve been trying to give book series another shot, because it’s getting damn-near impossible to find zombie books that aren’t part of a series. Also, with the technological revolution that has taken place in the publishing industry, you’re generally not waiting a long time in between books. I’m glad I started reading them again. There are a lot of great series out there. One of which would be the Vaccination series by Phillip Tomasso. I read the first book back in September and enjoyed it very much. By the end of the year I was pleasantly surprised to learn that book two was already out. I put it on my Kindle and got readin’.

One of the great things about a series is that, after book one, there isn’t a need for a ton of back story. You can get right down to zombie-killing awesomeness from the get-go, which is what Tomasso does with Evacuation. The story starts out right where Vaccination left off. Chase and his crew have been saved by a military unit whose answers and intentions are vague at best. Their destination is a compound that may hold more danger inside of its razor-wire fences than there is on the outside. With the breakdown of civilization and the government, the effort to collect survivors is rather uncoordinated. The members of differing military branches seem uncertain about the chain of command, resulting in a lot of disagreement, some of it very violent. To top it all off, there are other survivors to contend with, and trying to figure out who is trying to save you and who is trying to kill you isn’t easy.

Evacuation is a great read. A taut thriller of a zombie book that is wonderfully violent while continuing a great story about a guy who is simply trying to keep his kids safe during the absolute worst of times. It is fast paced and full of action, but also contains a few scenes that are gut-wrenching to go along with all of the gore and tension. My sole complaint would be that the author and his editor missed a couple of slight inaccuracies in some minor details and should research these things a little better in the future. These were small things, though, that weren’t enough to distract from what is, overall, an excellent book. Unless, of course, you’re a real nitpicky dick.

I guess I’ll stop avoiding books that are part of a series in the future. I only ask that Mr. Tomasso not wait an egregious amount of time before giving us the third and, from what I understand, final installment of the Vaccination series. Until it is finished, please be very careful when crossing the street and look out for those white vans.

Two thumbs up for Evacuation by Phillip Tomasso.


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