Our advertising prices are clear and straight to the point:

  • In-Article Sidebar Ad 150x150 -$15 per month (in every article) 

How to submit your ad?

  • Make a square image
  • Send that image and a link it should point towards to [email protected]
  • Also mention how many months you'd like to purchase
  • A random stranger (me) will contact you after that

Sponsored articles are welcome but they are bound to a few rules and limitations.

  • Sponsored Articles appear on the homepage
  • Price is USD $100 per article, fixed price
  • Payment term is 30 days after posting via PayPal
  • Links are allowed
  • YouTube / Vimeo embeds are allowed
  • Images are allowed
  • Text is allowed
  • No child porn / abuse / etc you get it be human

If you think these terms are reasonable, send your inquiry to [email protected]

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